Session: Reconnective Healing®

"If you feel the need to clean up old patterns and baggage, and if you want to work on yourself and evolve in a positive way, don't hesitate. Lovely lady who truely listens to you!"


Session: Reconnective Healing®

"I had an enjoyable session with Noeshka that I would recommenc to anyoned. Reconnective healing uses frequencies that can help you heal on a physical, mental, emotional and soiritual level.  Noeshka is a kind, emphatic woman with a kind heart for the people she meets :-)"


Session: Reconnective Healing®'

"No doubt about it, just go for it!"


Sessie: Reconnective Healing

"After a few sessions, my panic attacks have practically disappeared. And my creativity is flowing immensely again!" 


Sessie: Reconnective Healing

"I started out rather sceptical with Reconnective Healing, but even after my first session I could notice a big difference. As I am writing this, I'm in between my third session and my Personal Reconnection and the positive coincidences are too intens and too big to just be called 'coincidence'! If you really want to be amazed in life, go for it!'

De Bron